DUI Defense

OVWI help and expungement in Indianapolis, Indiana


If you’re caught operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Indianapolis, Indiana, you can be charged with OVWI – sometimes called a DUI. There are increasingly harsh consequences for drivers facing their first, second and third offenses. These are:For a first-time offender, there’s not typically jail time, but you will have your license suspended for a period of time between 90 days and 1 year.For a second-time offender, you could face five days of jail time or 180 hours of community service and up to a two-year license suspensionThird-time offenders face 10 days of jail time or 360 hours of community service and a two-year license suspension. Call 317-927-8249 to speak with an attorney at Mark K Sullivan & Associates.

Be proactive after you’ve been charged

In Indiana, OVWI’s stay on your record forever. You can, however, get an old charge cleared from private background searches. This type of expungement can be handled by your attorney.